Feb. 4th, 2011

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Once again behind the cut to spare you of the untold horror.

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Present proof that the government's plan is inferior, get in trouble with the law.

"He said there is a potential for violation if DOT and the public were misled by "engineering-quality work"- even if the authors did not claim to be engineers."

Yeah, he probably hates for one of the mere peons to be able to do better work than he does. Know your role peasant and let your betters make all the decisions.

What do we need licensed government jackbooted engineers for anyway?

Of course if you'd heard the things that I just heard about Chief Traffic Engineer Kevin Lacy here on campus, well, you might start to worry about his competence and ability to carry himself like a professional. But that's just second- or third-hand gossip and shouldn't be taken seriously, though it may be cause for asking questions in the future.
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A question on the minds of many people lately is "Why is something as violent as this knife holder non-controversial when it involves stabbing a male figure named "The Ex" to death in order to sheathe your knives when there is no equivalent female model?"

That's easy. Violence against men is funny (Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them).

Next question.