Feb. 22nd, 2011

demonicgerbil: (Default)
I read Superman: The Dark Side, which is a what if story about Superman being raised on Apokalips instead of Earth. The result is probably about as cataclysmic for New Genesis as you'd expect. Not as much of him just plowing through everything and everyone in his way as I'd have expected, and I kind of didn't like his (obviously expected) face turn as the book wore on.

Superman: War of the Worlds was pretty great. It's old, old school Superman, with his powers not dialed up so high. I mean, he's pre-Fleischman cartoon Superman: he doesn't even fly. He does, however, kick a lot of Martian invader butt and set the stage up for mankind to defeat the Martian menace and win the war.

Edit: So apparently I had this sitting in my LJ window since some time yesterday. So I figured I should hit post so I could move on to other things.