Apr. 6th, 2011

demonicgerbil: (Default)
Since no one wanted to go one it with us, we (Cosmic and I) just duo'd it. I borrowed Bruiser of the Slain from Sam's account and NevadaGirl from Amine's account and we were off with those two leeching the ride.

It was cake until the last fight where Posi was getting obscene heals. Until we noticed that the heal's strength depended on where the healer died. So we used Amine's pets to kill the healers on the far side of the room, Sam's taunt aura to anchor Posi, and then proceeded to wail on the jerk until he died. We did bust out Shivans, but I think we could've taken him without them: it just would've taken longer and I really need to get to bed soon. :p

It was awesome.

The team, arranged just-so by the cutscene:

And here's Positron taking a nosedive into Bruiser of the Slain as his systems fail and we emerge triumphant with the Flames of Prometheus.