Apr. 13th, 2011

demonicgerbil: (Default)
Twillingly around the energetic beams
Guided by magnetism into tight streams

Danced the Higgsy bosons to and fro
Ducking shyly 'way from the radioactive glow

With relish they leapt and twirled about
God particles called they by the devout

But they didn't care as they frolicked and played
For today they would defy detection once again

Neutral and free the electrons can't chase
Neither can the sluggish protons today

As heavy as the Higgsy was it could hide well
Behind its scalar field did it dwell

Maybe later today a gluon would decay
And someone might glimpse the Higgsy away

From a top-anti-top annihilation it shot
Or perhaps some bosons together in a blot

But the Higgsy despite its demeanor aloof
Gives mass to everything so maybe that's proof

That out there is a boson so Higgsy
Which even the Hadron collider can't see