Apr. 19th, 2011

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Hey there, /tg/, Addams Family anon here again.

What has transpired:
>The party is STILL not aware of the Addams family; I don't think they've seen it/heard of it, sadly.
>The DM is aware that I know what's going on; however, I haven't spoiled it for anybody else, so we've got an uneasy peace.
>Gomez/Morticia listened to why we attacked Lurch and what we were sent to do, laughed it off and said that the village sends a new batch of people every four to five months to try and get rid of them
>The sorceror got knocked the fuck out when he tried topping Fester's lightning/electricity shenanigans (got temporarily drained of all healing surges/put a lock on all abilities above at-will).
>Half-Orc's player was not able to make it; as a result, his character went off to "play" with Pugsley and Wednesday. DM won't kill him off, but he will probably regret not being there.
>Gomez and Morticia offered us a counter-deal, since we were the first group to actually talk to them, rather than just shouting obscenities/weeping/screaming; we would function as their servants, going out into the wider world to do odd jobs for them and procure rare things.
>mfw we became Mercenaries employed by the Addams Family
>Incidentally, also mfw I had to do the Mamoushka when our face (Sorceror) got knocked out.

I managed to pass, despite my sub-par Charisma; thankfully, my Dexterity/Constitution/Strength were enough to carry me through.

Also, Grandmama has taken a disturbing amount of interest in me. I think she wants to turn me into a flesh golem.

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