Jul. 24th, 2011

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I transformed a warshade build I found into a Peacebringer build, because it had perma-hasten, and that's something that's pretty awesome to have. I think in actual gameplay this build would play a lot like what I want from a PB: it can chainsaw spam Gleaming Bolt for the debuff, pop into squid form for good AoE damage, or tank fairly well in Lobster form (15 second recharge on the heal if Hasten is still up from when I was in human form, pretty good IMO). It also packs the PB ally heal and a few buffs for the team (leadership and Grant Invis).

It's also pretty expensive, which I don't like a lot, but I've got a ton of cash laying around that I haven't spent on anything so...

Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 1.942

Click this DataLink to open the build!

ZAWARUDO: Level 50 Natural Peacebringer
Primary Power Set: Luminous Blast
Secondary Power Set: Luminous Aura
Power Pool: Speed
Power Pool: Concealment
Power Pool: Leadership
Power Pool: Leaping

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Apparently some idiot linked this (now deleted) video on the official forums (in a now deleted thread):

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This thumbnail is all that remains. :(

Why do I miss all the good things?

[LiveJournal]Bubbawheat: [Burnt Matchstick 50 tnk Pin] So, there was a thread about a video posted on YouTube with supposed animations from the unannounced staff melee powerset. It seems they were gotten using demoediting and the beta client...
[LiveJournal]Bubbawheat: [Burnt Matchstick 50 tnk Pin] ...and the thread discussing the video has been deleted.
[LiveJournal]Thea Anastasis: [Jill Palacios : 50 : stlkr inf] TRUST NO ONE
[LiveJournal]Thea Anastasis: [Jill Palacios : 50 : stlkr inf] orry. I'v had coffee
[LiveJournal]PatrickAT: [Confusionette 35 Cor Inf] I want Office Brawling. "Stapler!"
[LiveJournal]Noxilicious: It got deleted?
[LiveJournal]Noxilicious: Huh, maybe it's not fake, then
[LiveJournal]Bubbawheat: [Burnt Matchstick 50 tnk Pin] I saw the video before it was taken down. The animations looked very good, reminded me very much of Kilik and Seong Mi-Na from Soul Calibur.
[LiveJournal]SpaceNut: [Electrinox 50 Bla Inf] interesting...
[LiveJournal]Thea Anastasis: [Jill Palacios : 50 : stlkr inf] that'd be pretty cool
[LiveJournal]Bubbawheat: [Burnt Matchstick 50 tnk Pin] In fact, before people started saying things to make it seem much more like it was genuine. I though it wa a hack using Soul Calibur animations.
[LiveJournal]SpaceNut: I have wanted a staff set for a long time
[LiveJournal]Bubbawheat: [Burnt Matchstick 50 tnk Pin] poor Samuraiko thinks this leak might lead to them removing the /demorecord feature from the game.
[LiveJournal]PatrickAT: [Confusionette 35 Cor Inf] People were dumb to post it on the official forums.
[LiveJournal]Liz: I hope not, but I hope it means they are more careful of what they let it into live.
[LiveJournal]Liz: in the 'hidden code' or whatnot.