Aug. 23rd, 2011

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[WHiSPER X]Mace van Hoffen: You'd say there would never be anyone who could mass slaughter kittens with fire. You'd say that ... and be wrong.
[WHiSPER X]Kittism: Arrest him....
[WHiSPER X]Reisma: I saw what Mace did in Helsinki at the kitten farm
[WHiSPER X]Kittism: Arrest him too!
[WHiSPER X]Kittism: I will not allow this rebeliouc actions in my domain
[WHiSPER X]Mace van Hoffen: hiya Reisma ... and I thought we agreed you'd never disclose my role in Kitten Dachau?!
[WHiSPER X]Reisma: I didn't! You just did :o
[WHiSPER X]Mace van Hoffen: curses! foiled again
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Played ye olde Call of Duty today. The early part of it, with the 101st Airborne guy was pretty fun, and Stalingrad was memorable, but the whole thing came off as kind of a disjointed wreck. Are the other games in the series like that, skipping around at random to different times and place?