Nov. 14th, 2011

demonicgerbil: (Default)
The Charger is a funny Battlemech. Way too big for its speed or its role, but modern technology can help make it into something kind of scary. With an infinite budget, this is probably what I'd do to the Charger:

  • Make it faster. (TSM and a Supercharger for emergencies)

  • Slap in an XXL Engine. Less survivable and way more expensive, but it gives us lots of room for...

  • A Mace: when TSM is active that's a 40 point whack on someone's head.

  • A Heavy PPC: 15 point lovetaps at 18 hexes.

  • A whole brace of lasers. ERML's to scourge enemies and SLs for crit seeking/heat management

  • A comprehensive electronic warfare suite.

  • A Laser AMS system to help swat down missiles as it dashes around the battlefield.

I would have liked to have squeezed a TAG in there, but I need all those lasers for heat reasons, and I don't want to lower the armor any.

This turns the Charger from being a total gimp to a light mech hunter-killer. Its HPPC can severely wound, if not outright cripple the common 20-ton scout mechs like the Locust or Wasp. Its Mace can ... do more damage than some Mechs have armor. The brace of ERMLs give it a good chance of getting at least *one* hit on its prey. The SLs mostly exist to push the design high enough on the heat scale to get to TSM activation, and then micromanage the heat by a few points here and there. With its active probe and ECM system, it can help with basic scouting duties too, so feel free to attach it to a lance of scout mechs. And in a pinch, it can hit its Supercharger to suddenly lurch into motion and run down unwary scouts (to then pulverize the crap out of). Granted, for the cost of this monstrosity, I could purchase two companies of something sensible like PHX-1 Phoenix Hawks, which probably would in general do the scout hunting job better by simply being in more places at once...

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