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Sung to the tune of the Theme from Rawhide:

Farming farming farming
Farming farming farming
Farming farming farming
Exx Pee!

Farming farming farming
Though Posi keeps a nerfing
Keep them leechers farming
Exx Pee!
Imps and thugs and freakshow
Hell-bent for cashflow
Wishin' I was more like Smurphy
All the things I'm slottin'
Need six armageddon
Maybe I'll afford the market fee

Team 'em up, Zone 'em in
Zone 'em out, Team 'em up
Team 'em up, Zone 'em in Exx Pee!
Kick 'em off, Farm 'em up
Zone 'em in, Leech 'em up
Boot 'em off, Team 'em up Exx Pee!

Keep farming farming farming
Though they've started sleeping
Keep them leechers farming Exx Pee!
Don't try to understand 'em
Their power selections are random
Get to level fifty for free
A scrapper here grindin'
And purples we're findin'
We'll be findin' up at the thorn tree


Oct. 3rd, 2010 02:22 pm
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I remember ages ago, I was playing a God-Level 3.5 game, everyone takes crazy class combos, spells, feats, whatever.

Eventually we get to the first major problem- there is some sort of hole that sucking in a section of the universe, so we have to figure out how to close it.

After about an hour of everyone trying all sorts of crazy ways to stop it, from trying riddles, blocking it up with stuff, nothings working.

I've been doing nothing so far, just letting people try things out, and then I say "Okay, I'm gonna cast a spell. Close."

GM: "The portal seals itself, and dissipates"

And that's how a 0-Level spell saved the universe


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