Oct. 26th, 2011 05:51 pm
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It took them quite a bit longer than it should have, but my doctoral dissertation is finally live on the internet. Be sure to grab your limited-time only special edition before the downloads expire! (there is no special edition, I'm just trying to gin up downloads to make whatever internal stats they have look impressive to someone :p)


Apr. 25th, 2011 12:16 pm
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I may feel like I'm the walking dead, but I've survived my defense. Still got a lot of work left to go, but with that hurdle out of the way I feel that nothing can stop me now.


Apr. 24th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Going to bed early. Got my graphs done today, but I haven't really had a chance to do a trial performance of my dissertation. I've done it so many times in my head, though, that I don't think I'll actually need a trial-run of the whole thing.

I wanted to be done with my slides around, say, 4 or 5 PM, but I didn't finish them until a few minutes before the timestamp on this post. Part of this is due to needing to go up to school to make a graph (and confirm some results) which took far longer (a couple hours) than it should have.
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Said impending feeling of doom has carried over to today. Especially since I was rather paralyzed (and frustrated) last night and managed to create only a couple of the 30 or so slides I'll need. Fortunately today has been somewhat rather more productive and I'm doing pretty good. I'll probably have to finish up tomorrow but I don't think it'll take all day.
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Got some nice graphs made today so I can put them into my powerpoint presentation for the defense on Monday. I have this overwhelming feeling of doom hanging over me: it's rather crippling.


Apr. 16th, 2011 09:25 pm
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science... q.q

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Time to put my nose to the grind for a week and crank out this thesis.
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And not just because I've got something to work on that isn't making graphs (it's editing code to make more slightly different graphs!):

<elizibar_atwork> Behold, nature's most perfect snac--- Eldritch Horror.
<phimini> FFFF
<coywintau> AND SO I LOOKED AT HER.
<cougardraven> lulz
<cougardraven> Also, eli, what the fuck.
<sickslickman> ...wha
<elizibar_atwork> It's jus' a l'il fella
<coywintau> Links to 4chan don't work for me.
<sickslickman> Me neither
<coywintau> I'm actually confused about that.
<elizibar_atwork> Aww you guys are missing awesome
<elizibar_atwork> Just look at CD and Phimini's responses
<phimini> If I find that in my bed tonight...
<sickslickman> Alright, class time
<sickslickman> later folkas
<sickslickman> *folks
<cougardraven> If I find that in my apartment at all, I'm burning the entire city to the ground to kepp that from spreading.
<coywintau> Wow, I had to drag it to a new tab.
<phimini> Bye Slick!
<sickslickman> peace
<phimini> Have a good class!
<coywintau> But it wouldn't open as a new tab.
<sickslickman> I shall. It's fuckin' Casablanca :D
<coywintau> SEE YA, SLICK
* SickSlickMan has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<coywintau> WHY
<phimini> If that's in my bed tonight I will scream like a little girl.
<phimini> And I don't scream.
<coywintau> I would do many things, screaming being minor.
<cougardraven> Okay, almost caught up on my MH archive.
<cougardraven> Now to continue EMH.
<phimini> I already have waking dreams about spiders in my bed. I don't need a real one D:
* IRuleHyRule118 ( has joined #habitsangora
<lethargic> irulehyrule118!
<coywintau> Hey Hyrule!
<cougardraven> Sup Hyrule.
<elizibar_atwork> To misquote the classic song "Asbestos on my balls": Spiders in my bed, Spiders in my bed, Why the fuck Why the fuck, Spiders in my bed"
<irulehyrule118> Hello
<coywintau> Hey, Elizibar, I mean this in the nicest way, but fuck you.
<cougardraven> I lol'd.
<phimini> XDDD
<irulehyrule118> So how we all been?
<cougardraven> Depends. You watch Entry #35 yet?
<elizibar_atwork> Apparently people don't like me q.q
<irulehyrule118> Yep
* CoywinTau has arachnophobia he read, "Spiders on my balls" and jumped and cringed.
<coywintau> I like you enough Elizibar, just not when you talk of spiders.
<elizibar_atwork> I'm pretty much done now anyway, I need to get back to editing this java program.

I threw the image on imageshack instead of leaving the link to /tg/ on 4chan, since that'll expire.
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*murders Gullwhacker*
*murders the crap out of him, a lot*
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1 From the tops of the hills a voice rang out, calling forth triumphantly, "It is completed,
2 lo' though the path was long and the results not what 3 we expected or hoped.
3 Yea the great labor is finished and pain has left the earth."
4 It was the afternoon then, upon the time of the late meal.
5 "Truly, the forgotten taste of victory is more savory than I can recall.
6 It is like Chick-fil-A nuggets, fries cut and shaped as if waffles, and the fresh green dew of the mountain, sweet and invigorating."
7 The tools of Fortran and Java proved their worth, having struck down the followers of Jacobian,
8 that false idol of computations who rules over the Implicit and the Semi-implicit domains.
9 Freedom reigned for a day as the darkness was driven forth.
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*crows scream in terror at the amazing reforming astrophysicist*


Nov. 21st, 2010 11:41 pm
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*self destructs*


Nov. 19th, 2010 11:39 pm
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And not the anime.

Apparently they're like ... bleaching the entire physics building or something. I don't know man, but the chlorine fumes kind of make it hard for me to be up there working in the evening.

Edit: and I totally forgot to hit post earlier lolme
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Fear the guy that's still in his office at midnight! Rawr!
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The hands that threaten doom!

Yeah I altered the timestamp on this post, because I've been at my office way too late tonight and am getting silly.
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type type type type words words refer to graph type type number number $T=3\times 10^{9}$ words words type type explanation in Ref. \cite{citation}


Oct. 26th, 2010 07:08 pm
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I had a calculation going today that I was just about ready to give up on (my estimate was 225 more days to run to completion). ...then it went woosh and finished in about 5 minutes.

I have another calculation going that I estimate will take more than 300 years to finish. I don't hold out hope for a miracle on that one. :p


Oct. 25th, 2010 11:40 pm
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Long day at the office doing that science thing.


Sep. 9th, 2010 11:03 pm
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Went out to the lab today. It was pretty great for once \m/


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